Atlanta Is The Next Hollywood

Atlanta Is The New Hollywood

Seeing stars lately?  We're talking about mega super stars!  Did you know that Atlanta, GA has quickly become the new Hollywood for film makers?  Yup!  I'm sure you've seen some of the hottest shows filming in your back yard, like 'The Walking Dead', 'Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta', 'Teen Wolf', 'Vampire Diaries', and of course, Tyler Perry Studios are located in Atlanta too!  

With such amazing landscapes, and communities that love the arts, Atlanta and surrounding areas are an excellent place for showbiz.  Just think about the terrain in Georgia.  We have the mountains, waterfalls, open countryside and even the beach!  Atlanta is and has been a hot commodity for cultural events and film making, and is a fun place to be during many of the film festivals.

Thinking about becoming a film maker yourself?  Check out some of our leading schools like The Georgia Film Academy or the Art Institute. 

Check out some of the films and TV series' being filmed in Atlanta here.
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