Meet Your Estimator

Meet Brian!

Hello, my name is Brian Vandecar. I'm 33 years old, born & raised in Locust Grove, Georgia. I am happily married and with two wonderful children...a twelve year old step son and a two year old Princess. I attended Valdosta State University and studied business administration. After college I worked for several different companies that were all customer service oriented careers. 

Getting to know the customers needs is very important in being successful in any business. My goal for The Furniture Taxi is to brand The Furniture Taxi into a common household name when it comes to the need of a moving company in Atlanta. I am loving my job as a senior relocation consultant, someone who surveys your home prior to the move date to ensure we are offering you the correct number of men to get your move done in a timely manner.

A funny little thing about me, is when I was growing up, my favorite toy was a dirt bike that my parents bought me when I was 10 years old. It taught me to have fun while being extra cautious with every move.  More than that though, it taught me that every path has it's puddles.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your mover for life. I know every move is unique in it's own way and our staff members handle your move with the care and attention to detail you deserve. 
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