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Atlanta movers.  Movers in Atlanta should all charge by the same procedure.  If they are Licensed and Insured they will bill hourly for local moves.

Atlanta Moving companies charge hourly for local moves and charge by the distance, weight or cubic footage or flat fee for long distance moving.

We get this question all the time:  How long will it take to move my belongings?

Answer:  We arrive on time rain or shine.  Immediately get right to work.  Moving times defer from one client to the other because of the certain needs of each service call are always unique.  Typically loading is the hardest and most time consuming portion.    The rule of thumb is that if it takes 3 hours to load than the unload will be done in half that amount of time.  But accessibility,  preparation prior to arrival of movers being completed by labeling boxes or disassembling contents, to distance to new location or reassembling requirements are all variables that determine the length of the move duration.  Think about it, if you're moving from or to a location that has an elevator than it's like double moving.   There for will take more time to move.

Remember we are humans and people.  We work fast as humans can go but we have to wrap your belongings so nothing gets damaged.  You hire movers so you don't have to do it or can not do it.

It's a luxury and enjoy the moments.  Moving is always fun the less you have to do!  The funnest part about moving is when it is finally over.

Atlanta Furniture Taxi is licensed with the Department of Public Safety HG 501257 and the United States Department of Transportation 2161279.

When searching for Atl movers on Google.  Find Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company in Atlanta below.  Stop by and buy some moving boxes.  We also sell storage space and carpet protection.

Average one bedroom move should take one hour to two to load and half that amount to unload.

When determining costs for moving consider the length or the distance from your front door to where the truck will be safely parked.  Add up the number of items you have multiplied by this distance and divide the number of feet you have to walk to get to the truck.  This is how long it will take to load one item.  Depending on the number of items you have and number of movers you hire determines the length of time it takes to load.

Example 55 items have to go 15 yards to an elevator.  Then off elevator 25 yards.  Each yard is 3 feet.  40 yards x 3 feet = 120 feet.  Per item.  120 x 55 = 6600 feet.  With two people four steps per step.  4 x 120 = 480.  6600 divided by 480 = 13.75 trips to the truck.  Depending on how long it takes to get to the elevator and off the elevator to the truck.  Let's say 20 minutes.  20 minutes x 14 = 3.5 hours.  This is just to load.  No you have to drive to new place and unload.

The formula above can change in so many ways but the more movers you have the quicker the move can be completed.  Please remember to tell your moving company sales representative exactly all the particulars you are aware of ahead of time.  Because the movers are human and can go as fast as possible but furniture needs care and proper attention to prevent damages to it or the property around it.

Thanks for the opportunity to be your preferred movers in Atlanta.  I hope we can earn your trusting business for life!


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