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Dedicated Expedited Exclusive Space Reservation (Full Truck)

What Is This & Will It Save Money?  Yes….

Thank you for your interest in our safe logistical solutions for household content trucking services from point A to point B.  With this service, we are offering you as a buyer solutions to trucking or transport for your contents from one origin to a single destination. 

  • Our carefully screened and chosen truckers are at the top of the line with state of the art equipment.   
  • These trucks are designed to haul all kinds of commodities to include household goods
  • Trailers are reserved only for your shipment. Ttrucks or trailers will not be shared with other buyers; just your contents on this truck and that’s it.  

Purpose: To Save You “The Buyer” The Most Amount of Money & Hassle

The savings in this division for buyers is HUGE especially compared to rental truck Do It Yourself “DIY” movers.  

Move From Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ = 1,850 miles
Moving Company: Average $11,000
(w/ Supplies, Loaded, Driven, Unloaded and Unpacked)  

Do It Yourself
Average rental truck is $0.50 – $1.00 a mile + $1.00 per mile in fuel
or more depending on how many trucks you need and terrain.
But at bare minimum two trucks (26 Ft = 8,500 Pounds Each Truck) = $5,000
But wait you still need drivers, fuel, food, hotels and a lot of time.  So the move probably will cost $9,000 by the time the two trucks are there and you still need to unload, fill up trucks the return trucks. THIS IS So exhausting and expensive.  

We have relocated 18,000 pounds from Atlanta to Phoenix for $8,500 in trucking completed in three days- saving so much money for the buyer and not to mention the hassle and worry about being on the road.  

With our trucking only services we can transport the 18,000 pounds from A-B (1800 Miles) for around $6500
You Load & Unload + Supply Equipment
Save $3500-$4000  

Our Team: Our drivers and trucks are used to hauling freight and household goods on daily basis and the trailers are not equipped with lift gates or ramps unless specifically requested for upon the reservation.  These trailers are very clean, tall and long to hold plenty of furniture, boxes and contents. We do not offer this service as trucking by the pound, cubic footage only for space reservation. We offer the entire trailer only to you and that’s it.  If you have any items that do not fit onto the trailer, we have no way of providing additional trailer space unless you reserve another trailer at the same fee per trailer. Our trailers average 48′ to 53′ depending on equipment availability and subject to drivers choice depending on their route. 

long distance mover

Plan: Our trucking division is meant to connect buyers with a need to save money, time or hassle with rental trucks or expensive moving companies by connecting truckers with buyers.  We are representing you as the buyer and representing truckers as an opportunities not a broker. A broker will subcontract your shipment from truck to truck but we simply provide you (the buyer) with a trucker headed your direction at a fraction of the cost it would cost to rent trucks, fuel trucks, overnight stay on road and more. 

Included: Each trucker offers two hours of time for loading for free. After the 2nd hour, the truckers time is purchased in increments of two hour blocks.  This being said, the trucker will arrive at your home, office or location in which he or she will determine the best spot to position truck to help save you, the buyer, the most amount of time and energy in loading their unit/trailer.  Once trailer is placed safely and accessible, then driver’s time begins. If you are loading trailer yourself you might not know how long it takes to load up a trailer. Reference the examples below and ask one of our friendly staff members to help guide you through this uncertainty with some ideas.  

Do’s & Don’t:

  • Never load with just two people because it would take so long and it would be very expensive.  
  • Typically load with four movers at minimum for any load.  Because two people will need to be in the trailer at all time carrying items to the rear of the trailer and packing it in tightly and safely for transit while the other two minimum people bring items from home or office and place items onto trailer for the packers.   
  • Keep in mind the trailer is at least 48 feet long and every item has to be carried from the back of the truck to the front for packing and the opposite on the receiving end for unloading.  This is a very time consuming job and needs to be handled by professionals or people who can handle extreme heat in summer times and extreme cold in winter conditions.
  • The drivers will not help load at all.
  • Typically it’s a all hands on deck process this meaning the more people you can get to help you load up the better off the timing of completion on either load up or unload it will be. 


  • Do not load hazardous material, chemicals, liquids or combustables onto truck ever.


Average Load Time & Sizes:

  • 1-2 Bedroom properties need at least 4 people (10-12 Feet of trailer space) Estimated time of load up 2-4 hours
  • 3-4 Bedroom properties need at least 4-5 people (12-24 Feet of trailer space) Estimated time of load up 3-6 hours
  • **May possibly could deliver trailer the day before and pick up next day after load up to prevent having to pay driver wait time but depends on driver and route so just ask our friendly sales representatives when getting these kind of quotes.
  • 4-6 Bedroom properties need at least 5-6 people (24-54 Feet of trailer space) Estimated time of load up 5-10 hours

Additional Information: Request your movers to bring portable ramps for easy loading or unloading to save time and money.  Our trucking rates do not include these ramps just the truck and trailer. Moving equipment is not included in this proposal.  Moving blankets, hand trucks, dollies, straps, locks, shrink wrap, boxes, tape or anything mover related is not included in this rate and if you need these items for your load or unload please discuss this with your sales representative because equipment would be at the expense of the buyer and subject to availability.  It’s usually better to buy these items from local movers prior to your move and have ready for your team on move day.

Delivery Spread: Truckers deliver within 24 – 48 hours of load up depending on the distance.  500 mile radius or less is next day delivery and 500 miles to 1000 miles is typically 48 hours turn around.   Moving longer distance than this it would be best to ask your sales representative because we can cater around you but this would need to be discussed upfront when booking as the trucker’s goal is to get your belongings to wherever they are going in the safest manner but in the least amount of time so they can keep on trucking.

Not Included: We offer absolutely no SIT (Storage In Transit) nor any consolidated trucking options.  We literally load and go with this option of relocating. If you need SIT Storage In Transit, packing services, moving equipment included with rates or special circumstances you should just consider hiring our household goods movers vs trucker division only.