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Moving Company Near Me

1- Ground Delivery Service | 2- White Glove Inside Delivery

Are you planning to move a small shipment domestically or internationally soon but find that moving companies are so expensive?

We have the best solution to this problem because our network is Global & Everyone wants more business from us because we are structured, organized and straight forward for any buyer or vendor.  It’s simple solutions to simple problems. Driveways, neighborhood, apartment complexes and storage facilities are all unique in their own ways and may not be able to receive your shipments by tractor trailer.  Parking permits, street parking police escort or building elevators or/& loading dock reservations are not provided by The Furniture Taxi and the sole responsibility of the client moving or whomever is hiring The Furniture Taxi, The Furniture Taxi platform or assigned service providers.

Top Three Factors When Quoting These Types of Services

#1- What is the Value of your Shipment?

#2- Is either location accessible by tractor trailer?

#3- Do you need packing services at origin or unpacking services at destination
(Meaning do you need help place items into boxes @ origin or remove items from boxes and organize @ destination?)

#1- Ground Delivery:  Shipment will be received at the curb and removed from truck and placed onto the ground. (Economical)

#2- White Glove Inside Delivery: White Glove is a premium service where contents are brought into home or office from curb or dock.