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Long Distance Moving Company Near Me

#1- Household Goods (Full Service)
#2- Less Than Full Truck Load (Shipping Service)
#3- Full Tractor Trailer Dedicated Trucking (Trailer & Trucker Only)

The Furniture Taxi is going to act as your concierge for the entire relocation process whichever route you elect is best for your business or family.  Each service is unique in it’s own way in solving logistical solutions nationwide and globally. Keep in mind there are a number of issues that could arise in either formula if not fully disclosed upon the quoting process.  Every move is unique and the details of both locations are assumed easily accessible and tractor-trailer friendly. Tractor trailer friendly; a tractor trailer can easily access either location.

Driveways, neighborhood, apartment complexes and storage facilities are all unique in their own ways and may not be able to receive your shipments by tractor trailer.  Parking permits, street parking police escort or building elevators or loading dock reservations are not provided by The Furniture Taxi and the sole responsibility of the client moving or whomever is hiring The Furniture Taxi, The Furniture Taxi platform or assigned service providers.

These are the exact questions you’ll be asked upon receiving a proposal and if not determined accessible but may cause extreme financial impact if determined not accessible at either location and not planned properly.  Top three questions we ask on every proposal:

#1- What is the Value of your Shipment?

#2- Is either location accessible by tractor trailer?

#3- Do you need packing services at origin or unpacking services at destination?
(Meaning do you need help place items into boxes @ origin or remove items from boxes and organize @ destination?)

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