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Not all Atlanta movers are created or operate equally. Some just want your money and or more. Here at Atlanta's Furniture Taxi we only want to build a trusting relationship that will last a lifetime. Movers are so quick to say they are licensed and insured. Do you even know how to tell if they are or not? If not, please don't just take their word for it. This is exactly how you will get burned in the end, guaranteed.

Here in the beautiful state of Georgia movers are required to be licensed with the Department of Public Safety whom regulates movers to make sure their validity in insurance coverage, accidental prevention and to make sure movers do not take advantage of consumers. If a mover qualifies they will be produced and provided a DPS # in which ours is #501257.

When a mover is not affiliated or supported by the Better Business Bureau it should really raise the Red Flag for you. This means you will likely regret the decision in hiring these movers because they either have too many complaints to be supported by the BBB or they are not qualified enough to be a member. We are A+ Rated with the BBB and active members.

Do you know the difference in Valuation & Insurance? If not how do you know if your furniture or contents are covered by the mover in case of breakage, fire or total loss? Check out this link HERE and learn the differences and how to properly protect yourself from loss. Just because a mover is insured doesn't mean your furniture is…. Also just because a mover tells you they are insured doesn't mean they really are. Ask to see proof to guarantee this is true. Click HERE to see proof we are!

So many factors when moving and hiring the right mover for your family or business. Do you KNOW what Workers Compensation is? Did you know that if you hire a service that does not have Workers Compensation on it's employees or contractors that you are 100% at risk for being sued and your wages garnished in case of injury? Workers Compensation protects you as the homeowner or business owner from any liability that an employee may incur while moving you.

Can you imagine if someone were to slip and fall off the back of a truck and not be able to feed his family from his work for a year what his attorney's will do to make sure he's compensated properly to cover his bills, medicine and rehab while unable to work. This could be your risk not having a company or worker that has his or her's own workers compensation plan.

Don't be a victim to crummy marketing strategies, lies or cheating moving rates. Ask all the right questions and save yourself the headache or worry! Knowledge is the key to success in everything. Call us today to discuss our rates and charges. We are competitively rated and have excellent tracking records to prove our worth. Moving should be a story you tell everyone about and be proud of your story not a nightmare that could possibly never end!

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