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Real Estate Agents in Northwest Georgia

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When it comes to choosing a real estate agent or real estate firm for your family or business it’s not hard to do but very time consuming.  Most licensed Georgia Real Estate Agents are so busy, being busy, they may or may not, always function at the pace of the process that your request deserves.  

Let’s be honest we are all walking the pace of life in different shoes.  


So really it’s just One single question:  Who will be the best agent for you?


Google, is  a resource true but we all need to know someone that knows someone trusted in real estate that will actually care about you.   We all have access to and most people have a Facebook account.  But when it comes to the biggest investment in your life or career, you should do business with who you feel most connected to.  Life is full of components and priorities. As an example I (The Mover & Author) live in an order or code of priorities as follows: soul then health then mind, body then finances.  But as the writer I’m only here as a shepherd to get you from A – B as a logistical standpoint considering I’m writing for the benefit of our moving, packing, storage and shipping business so my priorities are in line with how I conduct my business.   But how a real estate agency conducts their business may be totally different.  


Looking at their Google pages and realize all real estate agents are similar but different and it is very hard to know the difference from just a few photos or quick pitches.  So,  how do you really know which one will actually take on your business as an opportunity not a lead.  


The biggest downfall in the real estate process that I can see is simply genuine human follow up.  Most just place your criteria's, specifications and email address into a software program called CRM (Customer relationship management) and it emails you consistently until you unsubscribe.  Rarely, do they just stop, call and text to see if you are interested in what was shared and see where your heart is. Because they have 20 other leads. But not the agents below.  They go slow and care what what we know of.   Keep reading please it get's better from here though. 


Real Estate Agent In Atlanta

Real Estate Agent In Atlanta


I have done the research for you that is backed of course with Google location confirmed proximity business addresses to the geographical area you are browsing in.  

These agents seem to be great as their reviews speak loudly online.  


Below, is just a small list of the few I know that will care for you like we will.  Atlanta Furniture Taxi is not paid to recommend any of these businesses. We are simply the best moving company in Atlanta Georgia referring to the best real estate agents in town.  This builds our community strong of like minded individuals with same goals, To move you safely + make you happy.


First ask yourself these questions before you dive right into our recommendations below.


How do I find a real estate agent in Canton, Marietta, Acworth Georgia?

  1. Did you talk to your lender before you hire your real estate agent?
  2. Have you gotten any referrals from your networks online or community center.
  3. Did you Research potential candidates in that specific area or general search?
  4. Do you have the time to interview at least three real estate agents in that area?
  5. Request references — and check them.  Do they have Google reviews?  Are all the reviews 5 star?  If not. Read the businesses responses.  
  6. Go with your gut.
  7. Take a close look at your contract and make sure you don’t see any funny business.

We recommend the following real estate agents or agencies in Northwest Georgia in no certain prioritized way just as we see online as the best supported service for your real estate needs in Canton, Holly Springs, Helen, Jasper, Kennesaw, Acworth and more surrounding cities.


A- Stephanie McCarty, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

B- Ken Jones, Clear Summit Realty: 

C- Mark Spain Real Estate:

I really hope you have found this article useful and we certainly value your time in doing so.  If you are moving soon or need any related services surrounding a home or business we are standing by to help in anyway you might need.  Our moving services include but are not limited to local, statewide, nationwide and international moving and or storage services. We also offer professional packing services, crating, piano moves and really big or small we will haul it all.  We even have a debri-removal service. Just ask for me AP starts @ $250. 404-228-7404 or contact us.  




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