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  • 25 May, 2017
Relocations happen constantly for so many reasons. You can benefit from the economic rewards, cultural learning or mere change of scenery. But the actual move can make a big influence in setting the pace for the beginning of your new life. We here at Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company are one such service provider that can make you take the right steps to achieve a hassle-free transfer.

Although most Atlanta moving companies make up a seemingly homogeneous industry in terms of the services offered, the nuances of handling your properties and keeping them secure set these companies apart from each other. There are ways to know if a company has what it takes to provide the service that levels your expectations.

How Atlanta Moving Companies Can Help Move Everyone (thing) To Your New Home Safely

1. Efficiency
One of the most noticeable features of a mover’s services is its ability to provide effiencies in terms of running on schedule, load management, and time maximization. Atlanta moving companies generally assist in managing the moving process from getting an estimate until the last piece of furniture have reached the destination.

2. Equipment
Moving companies have the necessary transportation, machinery and manpower to handle your properties, reducing the risks of damage or loss. They have the appropriate packaging and labelling materials to keep your belongings secure and organized. There are some that also offer warehousing services for a long-haul travel.

3. Protection
Atlanta moving companies offer a special kind of insurance that ensures the protection of the value of your personal belongings. This is a basic service common to most movers wherein they take a portion of the liability in case of damage or loss or properties. But for a coverage for valuable assets, which is above the basic liability movers are legally obliged to accept, you can make an arrangement with the mover in terms of other coverage plans they offer.
4. Special Handling

Moving companies can accommodate plants and pets, however, you’ll need to research more about State laws that govern such special transfers. Other special handling of load can include unpacking of the load and express delivery.

Relocating to a new home comes with new promises and hopes for the future. But before welcoming new experiences and acquaintances, let your choice of mover set the right pace by keeping your belongings safe while in transit. You can benefit from Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company in so many ways beyond the mere transfer of your personal properties, pets and plants. By guaranteeing service quality and efficiency, your choice of mover is your partner on the road enabling you to put your best foot forward.

Atlanta Furniture Taxi moving company in Atlanta

By Aaron Polk 20 Jul, 2017

Things to Remember When Hiring Office Furniture Moving Companies

Knowing how to maximize the services offered by office furniture moving companies gives your money more value. One of the best things about getting furniture moving services is they literally take off the load off your shoulders. Instead of hiring people, getting a packing team, renting moving equipments and more, all you have to do is to simply hire a movers company and have all these problems resolved in one go, but of course you have to pay the price. Now, the problem shifts to one direction which is ensuring that you get what you paid for. To give you some tips on how you can ensure this, see the list of information provided below:

Tips in Dealing With Office Furniture Moving Companies

Golden Rule

As a golden rule, always look for three or more furniture moving companies candidates before you finally decide which company to go with. Ask for quotations so you know how these companies are planning to charge you with their service. Most moving companies like Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company offer free plan and quotes If you can, try to negotiate some additional incidental services that you may need during the process of transfer.

Make a Plan

No one knows what you need better that you do, so the best way to ensure that things are done the way you want them is to create a plan for yourself. Enumerate the things that you want the office furniture moving companies to move. Plan which furniture should go first and which ones should go last. List down furniture that may require disassembling prior to the move and shelves and cabinets that you need to empty. You should also plan where the furniture will be situated in your new office. This way the movers can have your furniture placed in the area where you want them. The purpose of planning is to keep everything in motion during the moving day so no time is wasted and no unnecessary cost is incurred.    

 Contract and Details

Make sure that the office furniture moving companies you are dealing with give you a copy of the service contract ahead of time. This way you can look into them thoroughly so you don’t miss on important details such as additional charges, insurance coverage and other terms and conditions. Credible moving companies like, Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company provide service contract to their clients to ensure that everyone is on the same page before they provide their service.

The details provided here are just some tips on how to deal with office furniture moving companies.


By Aaron Polk 13 Jul, 2017

Tips on How You Can Save from Moving Furniture Services

Hiring professional moving furniture services is possible even with a limited budget. One of the primary reasons preventing other people from getting moving services is due to its cost. However, the truth is there are certain things that you can do to help you cut off the cost of moving services so that it matches your budget. Knowing some of these tricks will not only be advantageous to you in terms of cost cutting, but it also highly useful for reducing the amount of stress you are getting from the move itself. This way you can focus your energy to more productive aspects of the move, so you can ensure a smooth transition. To give you some tips and ideas on how you can save from furniture moving services, see the information below:

How You Can Save from Moving Furniture Services

Compare Your Options

Many moving companies like Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company will be willing to provide a quote of their services. Take advantage of these free quotes so you can compare which moving furniture services are within your budget. Once you have identified which ones are suitable for your budget, the next step will be to determine how they compute the charges.

Look for Discounts or Promos

Once you narrowed down your list of option moving companies . The next step is to go online and check the websites of your prospect moving companies, like Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company. This way you can find out  if any of these companies have any ongoing promos or discounts for repeat or new customers.

Do Some Preparations

Some moving furniture companies charge you for the time they incur disassembling and reassembling your furniture. What you can do to cut cost is simply disassemble the furniture that you can disassemble and then put a note in each of these pieces that you will be doing the reassembling yourself once it arrives at your place. This way you don’t need to pay extra for these simple tasks.

While you're at it, you may also start collecting boxes or packaging materials that you can recycle to reduce possible overhead charges. Moving companies also charge you for these materials as part of the overhead costs, so might as well provide them with the recyclable boxes and packaging materials that they can use to pack your belongings.

Maximize Space

Instead of paying for two trucks to move your furnitures why not try some space saving solutions. Using your own car to transport smaller furnitures is a huge space saver. This way you can reduce the number of vehicles that you will need from the moving company to transport the remaining large furnitures.

The information above are just some of the useful tips that you can use in order to help you cut the cost of hiring moving furniture services.  

By Aaron Polk 06 Jul, 2017

Moving Benefits of Hiring Professional Moving Services in Atlanta

Getting professional moving services in Atlanta offers various benefits. Some people who need to transfer their furnitures from one place to another, try to do the transfer themselves and end up regretting their decision. People who commit this mistake are often mislead into believing that this choice can save them more money, which can be true if you have the necessary manpower, tools and experience that are necessary for safely conducting the transfer. Otherwise, this option can turn into a disaster which can cost you more money and time. This is the reason why there are moving services available at your disposal, so you don’t have to go through this horrible experience. To give you some ideas regarding the benefits of hiring professional movers, see the list below:

Advantages of Hiring Professional Moving Services in Atlanta:

Faster and More Efficient Furniture Moving

Professional moving services in Atlanta like Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company already have systems in place to help you move your furniture and other belongings in the fastest and the safest possible fashion. They have the equipment, tools and people who can make the wrapping and lifting of your furniture easier or without damaging your belongings. And, because moving companies have been doing this service for a while they already know exactly what to do, so you don’t have to worry about anything during your move. This gives you more time to focus on other important details that you should settle when moving into a new office or residence.

Cost Effective

Rather than buying expensive trolley or a pulley which you will only need once to move large furniture items from your old place to your new place, all you have to do is to simply hire a professional moving service . This gives you access to all the necessary tools that you need for the transfer without having to actually buy them. This clearly is a cost-effective option.

Less Damage and potential for Losses

Professional moving services like Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company are not only trained to keep your furniture safe during the move, they also have insurance coverage so they can pay for any damages that they may incur during the move. Of course, when you do the move yourself, you won’t have any insurance coverage and chances are, due to your lack of experience, you are taking a greater risk damaging your furniture during the transfer which can possibly cost you money.

Details above aim to highlight the many benefits that hiring moving services in Atlanta can offer you.

By Aaron Polk 04 Jul, 2017

Guide to Choosing a Furniture Movers Company

Finding a furniture movers company in Atlanta requires careful planning and a lot of consideration. One of the many challenges of moving to a new place is how you can safely transport all your belongings with you. Without thorough planning and critical selection, a lot of things can go wrong during this process. This is the reason why it is highly recommended that you take your time and carefully weigh all your available options. To give you some tips in choosing a furniture mover, see the list provided below:

Tips on Choosing Furniture Movers Company

Create a List

Create a list of your prospect furniture movers companies. Start by asking recommendations from people you trust, like your family and friends. Ask about their preferred movers company and their experience with the furniture movers company that they are recommending. This should give you enough options to help you get started in finding the right movers company for your needs.

Weigh Your Options

Never rush into anything. The whole purpose of planning and researching about your options is so you can get the best available furniture movers company, which means, taking on the first offer presented to you defeats the purpose of your initial efforts. In order to push through with the meticulous planning that you have started, you must not commit to anything until you have seen what your other option companies have to offer. Ask for quotations from movers companies like Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company so you can compare.   Once the quotations are all in then you can finally begin to see the value that each of your prospect companies has to offer.

Check the Business License and Insurance

Always check if you are dealing with a licensed business entity that has coverage. These are crucial considerations that you shouldn’t miss. Movers companies like Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company have to be licensed business to operate. The government requires these companies to follow certain standards and satisfy certain requirements to ensure that everything is in order, making the license one of your safety nets as a client. The insurance of coverage of the movers company on the other hand is necessary to pay for damages or in case something goes wrong while the company is moving your belongings.

The details provided here, are some of the things that can help guide you through the selection process of a reliable furniture movers company.

By Aaron Polk 15 Jun, 2017
Moving to a new location is a good sign that you’re maximizing your business resources as well as your market potential. But relocating even just a few pieces office furniture and equipment can cost you big time in terms of transportation, weight, and protection coverage. If you add a few more valuable fine arts like paintings or sculptures, the costs of hiring office furniture movers to protect these business assets would mean sky-high premiums.

It’s important to know how to effectively use the services of a professional mover such as Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company and making the necessary arrangements to meet your office budget . This is to control your relocation costs and reduce the risks of starting a new day in your new office being in the red.

How Can You Relocate Your Business Office Cost-Effectively With Office Furniture Movers

1. Different office furniture movers offer different ways to calculate the costs of handling your office equipment and business properties. Most movers use weighting and set a minimum weight for transporting items. There are movers that use linear feet and calculate your costs based on the amount of space utilized upon loading. Applying the better choice can make a big difference in your total relocation costs.

2. Relocations to new business locations require special moving services to ensure business continuity despite the changes. There are movers that over expedite services, space reservation, guaranteed pick-up, exclusive vehicle use and guaranteed delivery. While these have additional costs, there are costs to disrupting business operations which would compromise revenues and makes you better off paying the premium.

3. Take into account the need to provide protection coverage based on the available options offered by your mover. Some choices include release value, full value protection, lump sum value, and declared value. All of which should be equally considered to maximize the protection coverage that preserves your business assets.

4. Considering the unique circumstances of relocating office furniture and equipment, it’s best to get multiple estimates form different moving companies. This is also one way to explore the differences in services offered and identify the option that meets your specifications and your budget.

Relocating to a new office involves long-range planning, most especially if it involves valuable office equipment and long distance travel. Let your choice of office furniture movers be your business partner on the road to ensure security and protection of your prized business assets. You can work with established movers like Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company, whose long history of providing quality service in the industry is a testimony of the kind of service you can expect. Winning begets winning. Working with successful companies can support your goal of achieving a successful relocation.

By Aaron Polk 10 Jun, 2017
Being caught up in your relocation activities can get in the way of maximizing the opportunities that a moving company in Atlanta has in store for you. If you’re restricted by the limits of what you know a moving company can only do for you, you would also limit your reach of the advantages you can get from a mover. This is why having an all-encompassing knowledge about the features of the services of moving companies, such as Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company, can do so much in allowing you to reach the full bulk of resources you’re expending for your relocation costs.

What A Moving Company in Atlanta Has In Store For You

1. A moving company in Atlanta can handle not only house furniture but also special items such as musical instruments, fine arts, pool tables, table tennis, hot tub and other random items. They can set up a hoist to ensure these special items are removed from your old property efficiently while securing their quality.

2. There are moving companies that can handle not only the loading or unloading of furniture but also setting up your electrical appliances to your new home. They can also break down the pieces as well as the reassembly of equipment. But confirm with your mover how these costs are calculated.

3. Moving companies provide protection for items they have packed themselves to monopolize the materials used, ensure quality packaging and reduce the risks of loss or damage. You can delegate this task to your mover as well as the unpacking to secure the condition of items from start to finish.

4. Long-distance moving is a special service limited to few moving companies with the transportation that can accommodate such long and heavy travels. Since these usually involve big trucks, shuttle services are also offered to access areas that don't allow big trucks or container vans.

The transport of your properties is not the only service that a professional mover can give. There is more to a moving company in Atlanta than meets the eye. By exploring all the service features that every mover has, such as those that Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company can deliver, you’re broadening your horizon in terms of the services to take advantage of. Relocation with professional assistance is quite a costly commitment to make, and being aware of what makes up the total costs would make you see the difference of choosing a good mover from the best one.

By Aaron Polk 07 Jun, 2017
Furniture moving costs can rake everything up – from the transportation, property protection and packaging to your choice of service provider. But you have the final say to spend only what you can for the service that you need. The biggest help you can get is the resources that make you aware of the differences of the services available on offer from different moving companies.

You can compare according to company's such as Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company, which can be a reliable choice if provided to you as a recommendation. But you can go deeper and compare among the different types of movers so you can truly see the difference. By doing so, you can optimize your money, time and effort when moving to a new place.

How To Optimize Your Resources For Furniture Moving Based On Your Choice of Mover

1. Full-service movers offer the greatest convenience compared to other types of movers. A full-service furniture moving company handles everything for you – the scheduling , packaging, labeling, loading, driving, unpacking and unloading of items. These services also include other perks such as protection coverage and warehousing if necessary. This service is most applicable to a long-distance move that require utmost care and responsibility of your mover.

2. Self-service movers is a low-cost alternative to full-service furniture moving company because this service provides you the choice to handle the packaging, loading and unloading of items. The mover takes care of the transportation and driving your properties to the destination. This service is most applicable to short to medium distance move.

3. Doing it yourself places all responsibility and service quality assurance on your shoulder. This is applicable if you’re transferring with small amount of load within a shor-distance travel that can be handled by your car or a taxicab. This is the least expensive option because the transportation, packaging, handling, loading and unloading are all handled by you.

There are only a limited number of types of moving companies and it wouldn't take long to understand the salient features of their services. It helps you recognize the service that you only need according the price you only want to pay. But when all effort fails and time isn’t on your side, it might be more convenient and practical to explore established brands such as Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company as a starting point in your search. Being able to identify with the company’s history, culture and values also makes it easier understanding why their services are worth paying for.
By Aaron Polk 05 Jun, 2017
It might seem obvious how a professional mover can benefit you as its client. But perhaps you wouldn't know it’s real value until the need for it arises. It’s the kind of need that warrants getting help because doing it all alone or just using friends and family can be costly. Take the local movers in Atlanta for example. Many of these professionals have been in the industry for years. And yet the industry has not fully saturated the market and their is always room for more reliable professional movers, if only you’re aware of their presence.

Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company is one such professional mover that promises the convenience and service quality not common among all movers. There are at least five attributes that marks the difference top movers make in the relocation process. This also answers why they should be at the top of your priority list in the kind of mover to hire.

Why Get The Edge That Only Local Movers in Atlanta Can Give

1. Professional movers are equipped with the necessary moving tools, techniques and toughness to handle everything, from the heaviest furniture to the most delicate vase, with care. They also have the transportation that can handle short and long-distance transfers.

2. Professional movers have the necessary skills honed by years of exposure to the rigors of moving. Expert handling of your relocation ensure efficiency and service quality that amateurs can only wish to match.

3. Local movers in Atlanta are required to be licensed and insured to make sure your belongings as well as the personnel handling them are secure on the road. These features also set a higher standard for the personnel that look after your properties ensuring they are ethical, trustworthy and professional.

4. Hiring local movers are familiar with your location and can offer efficiency on the road. This saves travel time and relieves you from the risk of accidents, loss or damage to property that unfamiliarity with the are can sometime bring.

Amateur movers such as your dad or best friend can prove to be more of a hindrance than a help, most especially if you’re moving furniture and heavy equipment. The repercussion of moving using non-professionals can put their safety and the functionality of their limbs at risk. Professional local movers in Atlanta that are equipped with machines, muscles and mental abilities can plan and execute strategies better because of their varied relocation experiences. That’s why there are companies such as Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company that have thrived for decades in this kind of service because of the importance that their clients have recognized that they can only get from an established mover.
By Aaron Polk 01 Jun, 2017
Moving to a new location never really comes cheap, unless you do most of the work yourself which would be just as costly in effort and time. But there are ways to spot the most affordable and convenient choice among the furniture moving companies available in your location to save on your personal labor. There are alternatives to traditional ways of moving that provide greater savings and convenience, which the best companies have long embraced as a business practice.

You can begin with comparing the service features that Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company has, as a standard, and look at the variations with the other movers. There are at least five aspects which you can look at to make some adjustments and achieve the most cost-effective option.

Ways To Spot The Most Cost-Effective Solution Among Furniture Moving Companies

1. Most affordable furniture moving companies understand how expensive it would be measuring your moving costs by weight so they offer the option of calculating your total costs by the linear feet occupied. Measurement by space is a more cost-effective option considering how most household furnitures usually weigh.

2. Some movers provide protection only on items they have packaged and loaded for you. For short-distance travel, you may want to do the packaging yourself ad hire the driving services of your local self-service moving companies for better cost management.

3. Take advantage of movers that have a good track record in terms of lead time. You can save a lot from highly efficient companies with turn around time of 3 to 5 business days or shorter.

4. If you’re moving with a small number of items or office equipment, hire the services of movers that specifically handle small load to enjoy lower rates.

5. Reduce waste and relocate with fewer furniture to cut down on space for loading. Have a garage sale to make money from your old stuff or, better yet, donate them to charity.

Relocation involves multidimensional planning which includes the weight, space, travel time and other details to make your transfer as efficient as possible. But there’s no reason to go at it on your own, especially if you have your family, furniture, pets and plants to tag along. Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company can offer arrangements suitable for your specifications.
It’s not all the time that furniture moving companies offer the flexibility to have a comfortable move but you have the choice to make that happen. By going for an affordable and convenient moving company, you’re making the most out of your resources as well as the experience.
By Aaron Polk 30 May, 2017
It’s a common sentiment that hiring professional movers is an unnecessary task that moving into a new place brings. But Atlanta long distance movers themselves can vouch for the importance of their services, most especially in transporting valuable items and belongings between distant places. Many things can happen while they are in transit for days and the last thing you would want is to expose your belongings to all sorts of vulnerabilities.
There are only a few professional movers that offer this specialized service and Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company is one such mover that can. Their experience as a company can provide learning lessons on the importance of using full-service movers in a long-distance relocation.

Why Full-Service Atlanta Long Distance Movers Is A Valuable Solution

1. Property Protection

From packaging and providing protection coverage, you choice of mover can ensure reduced levels of risk on the road. All movers are required to provide 60-cents per pound guaranty for items lost, damaged or compromised because of natural disasters.

2. Better Value

There’s no better partner to a long distance move than a full-service mover. This is because there’s a higher risk to travelling between distant places which would get more value if coupled with the full labor of specialized packaging, loading/unloading, and protection coverage.

3. Comprehensive service

Full-service Atlanta long distance movers are equipped with complete set of tools, expertise and transportation that have gone through the rigors of spending longer hours on the road with wider variety of clients. This provides you a comprehensive perspective when it comes to planning and scheduling your relocation.

4. Service Quality

Professional movers are required to be licensed before they can legally operate. Compliance to this requirement ensures adherence to strict guidelines when dealing with clients which you can use to protect your rights and interests.

From the slew of things to consider when relocating, availing yourself of the professional assistance of a full-service long-distance mover is one that should be at the top in your list of priorities. There are some Atlanta long distance movers that have what it takes to survive the long-distance travel. Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company, for example, takes pride in its experienced and trained personnel that assures your belongings in transit stay safe until it reaches the destination. You can study past performance and read through reviews on moving companies from previous clients to learn more about how reliable your choice of long distance mover had been for years. If so, the chances are higher that they can do the same for you.
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