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Questions to Ask When Choosing an Atlanta Moving Company

We know moving is stressful and expensive.  Hiring the best movers in Atlanta the first time should be a priority.  Nobody wants a moving nightmare, nobody.  Below are some very valuable questions to ask when choosing a moving company in Atlanta, as well as our responses. If you have a question or concern that isn’t addressed below, or you would like to learn more about our Atlanta moving services, please call us today at 404-228-7404. Would you like to learn more about our Atlanta moving services?

Yes. Atlanta Furniture Taxi is licensed by the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles Safety for Household Moving within the state of Georgia and we carry the required insurance coverage. Atlanta Furniture Taxi also has Federal I.C.C. authority for the entire nation. Call and check any moving company in Atlanta at the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety at 678-413-8575.

Yes. All employees are full-time, professional Atlanta movers. All employees are drug tested and background checked. Our employees are some of the highest paid professional movers in Atlanta.

In order to make it convenient and easy for you, we accept all major credit cards to include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, certified checks, cash and money orders. We do not accept personal checks. Our corporate clients can arrange to have a corporate account established, in which case we bill your company directly.

Yes. Our full-time staff is completely covered for any injuries that could be sustained while safely relocating your contents from A-B. Visit our blog here to learn how to find out the real scoop if your mover is fully insured or not.

Yes. Replacement coverage is offered. Please ask your friendly sales professional for details.

YES. We have full-time Relocation Consultants ready to help you in any way.  Please contact us at 404-228-7404 to inquire about a free on-site estimate.

Yes. We have professionally-trained employees to handle all your Atlanta packing needs. From simple apartment content packs to large scale CPA or HR firms, we offer services to fit all of your Atlanta relocation needs.

Yes. We offer secured, climate controlled and clean storage vaults.

Yes. Please feel free to call the Atlanta Better Business Bureau at 404-766-0875 or visit our online profile.

Atlanta Furniture Taxi does not recommend leaving anything in your drawers in either filing cabinets or dresser drawers. It’s just not safe for the item, the property or the movers. We will still move these items but it would be at your risk if anything were to incur damage to the item or property.