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Wow, Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company has grown tremendously in 10 years through the extreme efforts of our Atlanta moving services in the local spectrum but also into nationwide and international moving company source.   Our dedication to each client, either business or personal goes above and beyond our standard industry requirements through a great level of care, safety measures and preventive policies and procedures. Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company specializes in local Atlanta movers as well as long distance movers for Atlanta. 

Local moving, is defined as a move that is within the same state, radius of 50 miles or less from point A to point B.  If moving beyond this radius but within the same state it is known as an intrastate move. Both of which we specialize in on a daily basis called Local Moving Services.  But when moving across state lines it is known as long distance moving. Choosing the right Atlanta moving company for a long distance move is a very serious task and should be proceeded with caution.  Our long distance movers have the skills, resources and extreme manpower to handle anything that could arise throughout the process of relocation from the beginning to the end. Your moving concierge or sales person will teach you everything you need to know in order to make sure we understand your every need.  Details are very important when moving out of state.  

Just so you know we have a huge variety of different types of long distance moving services to fit your schedule and budget.  We provide safe plus secured storage for short term or long term storage facility amenities with no access to the public, great packing services and shipping services for anyone only sending a few items somewhere in the world. 


The best form of appreciation or reward in our business is the relationships we build throughout each day because we do what we love – help people by Moving people. The best advantage we have in our long distance moving services is that we never operate as a broker or middle man.  We simply connect the dots, connect the resources and establish committed schedules or equipment for the right people at the right times. Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company does not share loads with other different types of moving companies or charge by the unforeseen pound.  We provide movers, trucks and products from “Hello” to “Good Bye” with the same smiling faces on both ends.  

As we know your contents or belongings mean so much to you we prioritize ourselves in being the best long distance Moving company in Atlanta because we properly prepare each item for it’s safe travels outside the Atlanta metro area within Georgia or out of it.  Atlanta Furniture Taxi provides clean well maintained moving trucks, clean moving blankets, straps, dollies, hand trucks and tape or shrink wrap in order to avoid damages that can occur anytime throughout the duration of transit.  

Our teams are well trained, groomed and appear clean cut along with speak with respect to anyone with our old fashioned terms “Yes, Ma’am or Yes’ Sir”.  Call us old fashioned but here in the south that matters. As a fully licensed and insured moving company we are happy to share each of our team members have been carefully screened to ensure their validity as US citizens, English speaking, background certified safe to enter your property along with has workers compensation in case someone were to get hurt.  This is why so many people have trusted Atlanta Furniture Taxi moving company with their valuable and priceless cargo.

Our smart but friendly sales team along with operations is standing by for your call.  Complete our online quote form here or give us a call at 404-228-7404.

“I look forward to taking a burden of stress off you during these times of change and can guarantee you a great service with my fleet.  Whether it is moving next door, across the country or across the world Atlanta’s Furniture Taxi is excited to help.”

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