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When choosing your favorite moving company, look for movers with experience moving the type of valuables you need to be transported, whether they are pianos, heavy furniture, chandeliers or office contents.

#1 – How To Choose A Mover:

So what’s the first step when moving?

  • Choosing the right moving company.
  • Choose A Date typically before or after Closing. Same day moves with closing(s) is Risky but doable. With proper communication and planning.
  • Make sure the movers you hire are honest experts that will treat your belongings with care and are A+ Rated with BBB or at least affiliated members to show you as a buyer.

Here’s a checklist to help you narrow down your search.

#2 – Here is a way to view all move documents pertaining to your upcoming scenario. This is required by all state federal agencies.

#3 – Third, Moving state to state is so risky if you choose a cheaper source and not knowing if the person you just hired is a carrier or broker. “Book Now” is all that is required to reserve move as a deposit of 20% is a broker tactics not a carrier. Trust us, this is a daily risk everyone has if they don’t ask the right questions. We are not brokers and never subcontract any of our crews to whoever the cheapest source of transportation is in this case. Learn more about this here: Our deposits are only $100 – $500 depending on the dates and details of the move.

#4 – When a move consultant is discussing your special moving needs to give you a free estimate, make sure to tell them about any extra special items that mean more to you than money or particularly extra heavy items that might need extra attention. PLEASE don’t forget to mention any obstacles, like flights of stairs and elevators, or long carries or steep driveways.

#5 – Need storage? Short term, long term or even single items we would love to help. The Furniture Taxi offers climate controlled storage or even economical non-climate conditioned storage too. Make sure you reserve the storage space before you begin your move. Because after the move could be very exhausting and time-consuming not to mention expensive.


1. Make sure you begin way in advance to pack well prior to move day. The sooner you start, the more time you will have to label, separate contents to similarities and carefully wrap any fragile items or obtain additional boxes, bubble wrap, and any other packing materials that might be required.

2. De-clutter and throw away, recycle, or give to charity any items that you don’t need. The less there is to pack and or move the less expensive and time consuming the move will be.  If you haven’t worn that bikini since 1996 throw it away.

3. Label boxes on each side exactly as you would want if you need to find something that may arise during move or thereafter to save worry and time and when packing boxes, always place heavier items on the bottom with plenty of bubble wrap or towels. If it is a fragile box please label FRAGILE all over it & don’t pack fragile items within too big of a box.

4. Make sure to label all of your electrical cords and devices to which they belong. It’s very easy to lose remotes and chords while moving and this is frustrating and very costly.