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Section 8 HUD-URA Relocation Services

Section 8 HUD-URA Relocation Services


Self Insured Moving, Packing & Storage Solutions

Licensed, Insured, Bonded, Uniformed, Experienced &  A+ Rated w/ BBB

ARE YOU the decision maker, housing authority representative, builder, investor or contractor responsible for hiring the right vendor for your next rehabilitation project, then please keep reading. Our team provides everything for you as a one-stop-shop turn key operation with 23 years experience of all processes and procedures involved.

Section 8: Relocation Services


HUD-URA Compliant Moving & Packing Services

Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Aaron Polk, CEO of The Furniture Taxi
We are a nationwide relocation service provider specializing in section 8 Housing projects, multi tenant rehabilitation projects and relocations from local or long distance moving, storage (Temporary Terms or Short Term) and professional packing services.  

It all began 15 years ago when I was called in for a relocation project through an organization outside of Marietta to move 25 apartments immediately.  I thought to myself WOW what a deal!  This is an amazing opportunity, but how in the world do I charge for such a scope of services and site unseen?  Turns out, this firm already had a financial commitment with another moving source but the movers they hired never showed up for the second day.  The executive in charge of handling the moves (and hiring the movers), needed to find a new team ASAP.  Fortunately, I was able to step in with my team and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Needless to say, that experience was the beginning of a much bigger plan for my company, in which I have perfected and built lasting relationships with each developer and executive in charge.  Not to mention, the residents we move absolutely love us!  I mean, it was the best, worst thing I could have ever done for my business.  Best meaning I was given the opportunity to grow into the service providers we are today, but worst because it was the worst living circumstances I had ever seen.  Many of these section 8 homes are ridden with bed bugs, other bugs, dirt and muck.  Let me just say this, you learn very quickly how to move these types of contents without compromising your equipment (such as blankets, trucks, etc.).

However, throughout the past 15 years of tried and true process and procedure experiences, we have now mastered the art of moving no matter the circumstances or living conditions, nor despite the weather, distance of services, volume of contents or the dreaded bed bug infestation.  We have figured out how to operate safely and clean, without any disruption to the builders schedules.  Do I have your attention yet?

“Get the best bang for your buck by hiring a real moving and storage relocation specialist for your next project, who can handle any job and save a fortune on moving expenses.  We are the direct source and solution vs. hiring a homemade relocation consulting firm who has no license to operate, but subcontracts to anyone willing to do the moves at the lowest cost to boost the most ROI on their own investment.  Also, these relocation firms typically have a monthly retainer fee for their services and never actually NEVER show up on any of the move days to supervise as they promise.  You need hands-on project management teams like The Furniture Taxi™.”

Are you writing up next year’s budget or proposals and need quotes?

We can help with this process, host your town hall meetings and support your management teams all the way from “hello to goodbye.”  Transfer fee’s and onsite management is something we take seriously.

Section 8 HUD-URA Relocation Services

Please contact me when your time permits!
Aaron Polk, 404-228-7404 or Aaron(at)

Please- Watch our video and follow the path to success below in the PDF document or video demonstration.  We have plenty of reviews, references and testimonials to support our business and it’s quality in services.  

  1. We perform certificate of insurance audits for you prior to awarding vendors with purchase orders. We Prevent Workers Compensation Claims or Property Damages.
  2. We Customize a Plan to Phase Out Construction Work & Movers
  3. We Host and Conduct Each Town Hall Meeting. This meets the notification requirements of funding agencies.
  4. We Host & Conduct one-on-one relocation advisement and counseling which is a HUD-URA requirementSection 8 HUD-URA Relocation Services
  5. We Coordinate Relocation Resident Transfer Fees & additional services if needed.
  6. We ensure resident required notices & counseling are properly met.
  7. We organize and establish hospitality suites where residents can stay temporarily while work is being completed on their units.
  8. We completely relieve your on-site construction crew of exhausting resident concerns on construction projects and movers schedules.
  9. We handle residents concerns directly in an immediate manner.
  10. We settle claims fast and painless to prevent any dissatisfaction or negative environments.

Section 8 HUD-URA Relocation Services

Relieve yourself of the worry of hiring a middleman, and hire directly from a source that operates under their own DOT authority with proper licensing and insurance requirements, such as The Furniture Taxi™!

No need to hire someone on a lengthy, per month retainer, and spend any more money than you have to just get residents contents moved safely from one location to another.

A return on YOUR investment is what we guarantee and offer; not third party movers with bad attitudes or no workers compensation.

  • Purpose
  • Plan
  • Action
  • Rewards

Need help in funding? Ask us how we can help you obtain fast and free quotes from several sources in order to get this process going quickly.

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