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When searching for storage services in Atlanta please decide if you want public storage or private.  We are private sector only.

Our climate conditioned storage and warehouse options are below but never limited:

Short Term Storage:  Items stored for short duration of time until the belongings are delivered to new location or picked up by someone whom make scheduled appointment.

Long Term Storage:  Belongings that are stored within our facility for more than three months at a time.

Overnight Storage On The Truck or Storage On Truck For Week:    Typically we provide this type of services in between homes being closed on, builders near completion or simply saving time and energy.

Single item Storage:  When your storage requirements is very small but still a need that you desire.  Yes, we offer single item storage options.

Receiving & Distribution: When we receive furniture for you and hold contents for a later date or we distribute contents on a delivery routine for your clients or business.

What we do… “Big or small we have storage options for it all.”
  • We blanket wrap each and every item individually along with itemize inventory the items being placed into our custody.
  • Items remain wrapped throughout the duration of it’s stay here at Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company.   Delivery scheduled in advance and load contents in advance to deliver safely on move day early in the morning with fresh smiles and great energy.
  • We secure your items into secure wooden vaults, secured access storage space or racks that stack high.
  • We have convenient loading docks for easy loading or unloading.
  • No access to public at all.  Warehouse is secured with cameras, alarm, extreme locking methods and secure location placement.
  • Staffed and operated by our own full time employees.
  • Items safely secured and stored away from access to rodents, flood damages or insect infestations.
What we don’t do…
  • We do not require you to lock your own storage unit
  • We do not require you to pack your own storage unit
  • We do not require or suggest you to ensure your storage is locked by driving by our location on routine visits.
  • We do not allow public access to our facility ever.
  • We do not allow buyer access without a scheduled appointment and employee personal touch to assist.

The Furniture Taxi Moving & Storage provides a multitude of options for any customer needing to store their contents for long and short term periods, or even just a couple of nights.  We understand that each move is unique and often requires some type of storage solution.

inside warehouse

Is Your Warehouse Climate Controlled?

Yes! The Furniture Taxi’s warehouse is climate controlled. Any contents stored in our warehouse will be safe from the outside elements.  We offer monthly storage for any size home or office.

Is There A Minimum Or Maximum Amount Of Time My Goods Can Remain In Storage?

You can store your contents with us as long as you like! Keep in mind, that our storage fee is billed monthly and we do not offer any prorating.  Your storage bill is due on the same day each month (month to month), starting the day you moved in.  For example, if you moved in on the 5th of the month, then your bill will be due the 5th of each month thereafter.

Can I Access My Contents in Your Warehouse?

Unfortunately, no.  Once your contents have been stored with The Furniture Taxi, they will be inaccessible to you until you move out.  The reason for this is because your contents will be locked safely inside an individual vault(s) and would require our staff to assist.  If you absolutely need to access your unit, this will have to be scheduled and you will be billed at an hourly rate for service.  The reason for this is because there may be really heavy items stacked upon each other, and you could hurt yourself trying to reach for something that may be tucked beneath your entire load.  Depending on the size of your shipment, this can take quite a bit of time as well, and that is why we have to charge an hourly rate for our staff to assist.  Also, for the security of your contents and all our customers, we can not have unauthorized personnel in our warehouse on any given day.  All warehouse/office visits are by appointment only.

How Will I Be Billed For Storage?

Assuming The Furniture Taxi will be loading and delivering your shipment:

In addition to your monthly storage fee, a service/fuel fee is charged on both the pickup and delivery, and a 3-hour minimum applies for each day in transit as well.  Our trucks/crews are in service when contents are on the truck/s.  Storage fee kicks in the first night.

Upon Pick Up: Time clock starts at “hello” and stops after your contents have been unloaded into our warehouse. Prior to departure from your home, the foreman will collect an anticipated total for the first phase of move, which includes: your first month’s storage rent, estimated drive time back to our warehouse in Chamblee 30341, and unload into our warehouse.

Upon Delivery: Time clock starts when the crew loads up your contents in our warehouse onto your truck/s, and stops at “goodbye”.  If final storage payment has not been made, it will be collected prior to unloading, along with the anticipated total for the delivery.  Any remaining move balance will be collected about 1 hour prior to actual completion.

What is “Storage In Transit” (Commonly referred to as S.I.T.)?

Storage In Transit offers an affordable and convenient solution for customers needing to keep their goods on the truck for 1-7 nights.  Realistically, any time longer than this can end up costing a customer as much money as monthly storage.  However, the convenience of leaving your goods on the truck for a few nights eliminates extra handling of your contents and less time in added labor costs for additional unloading and loading to/from a warehouse.

How Is SIT Charged?

You will be billed nightly per truck.  Storage In Transit (S.I.T.) is kind of like a layover to the destination.  Any time a customer’s goods are on our truck, then that truck is considered to be “in service.”  For local moves, if the truck is “in service” you will be billed hourly whenever it is in transit, and then billed a nightly fee when it’s parked overnight.  Your move will be broken down into separate phases, and charged accordingly.

If moving locally, in addition to the SIT fee, the service/fuel fee is charged on both the pickup and delivery, and a 3-hour minimum applies for each day in transit as well.  Our trucks/crews are in service when contents are on the truck/s.  SIT fee kicks in once trucks are parked in our facility.

Upon Pick Up: Time clock starts at “hello” and stops when truck returns to our facility in Chamblee 30341.  Prior to departure from your home, the foreman will collect an anticipated total for the first phase of move, to include estimated drive time back to warehouse and the SIT fee.

Upon Delivery: Time clock starts when truck leaves our facility and stops at “goodbye”.  Anticipated total for delivery will be collected upon arrival, to include any remaining SIT fees.  Should the delivery exceed the anticipated total, the remaining balance will be collected about 1 hour prior to actual completion.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Storage Bill?

A late fee of $55 will be added to your total amount due on the seventh (7th) day late. Your shipment will be considered abandoned if payment is not made by the 30th day from original due date. Pursuant to the US Storage Act, your contents will be sold in a public auction under the provisions of the Georgia Uniform Commercial Code.  Please consult with your move coordinator if you have any questions regarding your bill.

How Can I Pay For My Storage Bill?

Your monthly storage bill can be paid online via The Furniture Taxi’s website (here), via certified check or personal check (made payable to: The Furniture Taxi), or cash.  Please be advised that all credit and debit card transactions incur a 3% convenience fee.  *Personal checks are only acceptable for storage payments, not moving/packing payments, and must clear prior to moving out of storage.  Payments can be mailed to or dropped off at: The Furniture Taxi, 2340 Chamblee Tucker Road, Atlanta, GA 30341.

Can I Hire A Third Party To Remove My Belongings From Your Warehouse?

Yes, but that company must provide a copy of their current worker’s comp policy and insurance via fax to 404-480-3759.  Access to your unit must still be scheduled in advance to ensure a warehouse manager will be available, and all outstanding debts must be paid in full via certified check or cash.

Why Should I Choose The Furniture Taxi’s Storage?

There are many reasons why The Furniture Taxi is a great fit for your storage needs.  For one thing, our facility is climate controlled with video surveillance and alarm system.  We will also leave all the protective materials on your contents, such as the heavy duty moving blankets.  That will making loading up your contents much easier and will keep your items safe and protected while in storage.  On the contrary, if you selected your own private storage facility, you would not be able to keep our blankets on your items while in storage without purchasing them.

List of Items The Furniture Taxi Will NOT Store:

– Bleach
– Plants/soil
– Paint
– Open containers of any liquid
– Propane tanks or cans
– Gas or oil
– Butane
– Ammunition
– Aerosols
– Open or sealed containers of alcohol
– Fire extinguishers
– Welding gas
– Open, non-sealed food containers
– Antifreeze
– Perishable foods
– Disinfectant cleaners
– Weapons
– Jewelry
– Medicine
– Cash/stocks/bonds
– Items of extraordinary value
– Animals/insects (anything alive)

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