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Maximizing Space: Tips for Efficient Packing During a Move

Maximizing Space: Tips for Efficient Packing During a Move

Relocating from one place to another can be daunting, and organizing the whole process can be overwhelming. With Atlanta Furniture Taxi, we will make your move as organized and efficient as possible.

Moving services make up a $22 billion industry at the moment. When you have the right moving tips in front of you, it’s easy to pack in a neat, organized, and sensical way. This applies whether you’re about to embark on a local or long-distance move.

Here are some efficient packing tips that will help you get the most from your move.

Find the Sturdiest Containers

It’s not just a matter of what you’re packing – it’s also a matter of what you’re packing in. The type of containers you use can make or break your move…literally.

Maximizing Space Tips for Efficient Packing During a Move

One of the best moving tips you can follow is to make sure you choose sturdy and durable containers that will support heavy loads from one point to another. There are plenty of options you can look into for moving containers, so consider what you need and stock up. We suggest services like

Cardboard boxes are the most common because they are cost-effective and easy to stack. You can also look into some plastic bins if you want the most durability and an airtight closure. Consider choosing boxes that have handles or grips so that you can lift them with no problem and to prevent drops.

Before the big day, make sure to coordinate with a mover that can provide you with boxes or containers, or visit a big box store that gets rid of discarded boxes at the end of every work day.

Leave a Little Bit of Room

When you’re packing up your belongings for your move, do your best to leave a little bit of space. It can get tempting to try to force everything that you can into your boxes, but this can be counterproductive.

Overstuffing your boxes can make them too heavy to handle, or can make the cardboard boxes burst apart at the seams. It’s better to pack your boxes diligently than run the risk of a calamity on what can already be a stressful experience.

Keep Detailed Information on Each Box

Take thorough notes of everything that you include inside your boxes. You can use checklists, spreadsheets, packing slips, or general notes for each box. If you know what’s inside each box, you’ll have an easier time retrieving things when you need them, which will make your unpacking experience just as seamless.

Make sure to also mark the box when something is fragile or breakable. The more thorough you are with this packing information, the easier it will be to get things from Point A to Point B and set up correctly after the move. You will also be less likely to misplace important belongings along the way, which can decrease your frustration.

Another helpful tip is to color coordinate with sharpies or tape. Give each room a color as you pack so you know exactly where the items should go in your new place.

Allow Yourself Plenty of Packing Time

The worst thing you can do is try to handle your packing at the last minute. In a survey, 45% of people ranked moving highly as a stressful life event – even more stressful than getting a divorce.

You can reduce the stress by a lot when you simply plan ahead rather than trying to rush it. It’s easy to underestimate how much you have to pack when you’re just giving your place the eye test. Block out several weekends ahead of your move so that you have all the time that you need to pack things in a neat and organized manner.

This can help you take it one room at a time, instead of trying to do it all at once a day or two before moving. You’ll thank yourself later, and will also pack more efficiently when you allow yourself plenty of time.

Hire a Company to Pack

You might also choose to bring a company on board that can handle your packing. Even if you know what you’re doing, there’s no substitute for leaving it to professionals that are skilled and trained. They not only know the right techniques, but also have some of the best boxes and containers to keep your items safe.

These professionals can do a lot of work in a short amount of time, which will start your move off on the right note. Make sure that you find licensed and insured movers that are certified, and with plenty of verifiable reviews.

Pack Your Must-Haves Separately

If you’ve heard the expression “painting yourself into a corner,” just wait until you experience the frustration of packing yourself into a corner. You can avoid this entirely by having a bag or box set aside specifically for the important things you need for the first few days after the move.

This can include things like handy appliances, food/snacks, and enough cooking utensils to prepare meals. Set aside these belongings in advance so that you don’t mistakenly pack them with items that you won’t need for much later. This can ease the transition of your move and help you get up and running in your new place in no time.

Efficient Packing 101

If you decide not to outsource, be sure to familiarize yourself with how to pack like a professional mover so that you get optimal and seamless results once it’s time to relocate. When you master the art of efficient packing, so much of your moving stress will go by the wayside. Start with these packing tips, then rely on us once you’re ready to get started with your relocation.

Whether you decide on the “do it yourself” packing method or to hire professionals, Atlanta Furniture Taxi is here to help make your move efficient and effective from A to Z. For more information on the services we offer, reach out for a free estimate or call us at (678) 403-0394.

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