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When moving, make sure you’re well covered with workers compensation, general liability & cargo coverage before you pay a deposit.

It is always a good idea to be double insured during a move. A moving company provides valuation protection for goods, which is not full-coverage insurance.  Matter of a fact; Valuation is not insurance but a daily umbrella package for the furniture being transported not the property.  Property coverage (example but not limited to: the house, office, floors, driveway and movers protection called “Workers compensation” in case they get hurt on your move.  Because, if they get hurt and the mover you choose doesn’t have the Workers compensation” then you will be financially obligated to his well being as well as the business owner.  This is extremely exhausting and scary to think about, by not making the best-educated choice in moving company.

You could put your entire financial standings at risk to save a few bucks will a skinny mover that dodges true protection for their clients.  Trust me, the mover hurt will not be the one causing the headaches in your life; it will be their parent, wife or husband and of course their attorney(s).  We have Workers Compensation so you’re @ home here and safe.  See below for example….  Ask everyone you’re considering to hire for one of these Certificates of insurance.  Compare wisely as if your life depends on it!

What is valuation?

“Valuation” is a special term on how much a moving company pays for belongings that are damaged or lost during a move. Valuation is regulated by the State government for local moves and the Federal government for moves that cross state lines.  Valuation is a one time purchase that covers the daily move tasks only.   Typically it has a cost and a deductible involved.   Just like in an auto coverage decision if you choose a path with a $500 deductible an damages were to occur then you would not file claim if damages are less than your deductible.

All licensed moving companies include basic valuation in the cost of a move, which in Georgia is $.60 per pound per item.

Valuation is based on how much an item weighs, so a 120 pound Flat Screen TV and a 120 Pound Chair you purchased for $500 at an antique store for $500 are valued exactly the same at $.60 in Georgia would only pay you $72 only. If an item is worth more to you than $.60 per pound, you may want to purchase additional valuation. Another option is to have moving insurance through your insurance company.  Our favorite is American Family Insurance.  We can probably get you a better deal on your homeowners coverage if you just ask us how….

Where can I find moving insurance?

If you do not have coverage, then we recommend purchasing a policy from a us here.  It’s based on the number of rooms your moving items from + replacement declared dollar amount.

Do I need a Certificate of Insurance?

If you are moving to and/or from an office, apartment or condominium building, you may need a Certificate of Insurance. Before your move, make sure to check with the building manager if a certificate is required. If so, we are happy to provide you with one. Just give us a call at (855) MOVE-ATL.

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The best insurance is an honest mover.

Ultimately no amount of insurance can replace the priceless memories saved in those old photographs of your grandparents or your kid’s first toys for their birthday. Choosing a mover with a great reputation is your best bet to protect your precious belongings.

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