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How to Choose a Moving Company in Atlanta

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Fully Licensed & Insured

If you’re looking for a moving company to move you from state to state (interstate moving), your moving company should have a US DOT number ours is 2161279, which is a unique license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. Make sure your mover’s DOT number is valid by searching it in this database. Before the US DOT number was created, there was the ICC MC number. Every moving company does not need to have this number, but if they do, that means they are well established and have been in business since early 1990s.

Moving companies moving you within a state (intrastate moving) should have state license numbers. In Georgia, this would be a GPSC or DPSC# ours is HG (Household Goods) 501257. You can search a Georgia mover in this database.

Also, verify that a company is insured on the same website you use to check their license number. Never use a moving company without a license number or insurance.
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“A+” Rating by the BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, non-profit organization that monitors businesses and rates them on a scale from “F” to “A+” based on their practices. They are a well-known and widespread organization that consumers can trust when searching for a moving company. It’s important to check your moving company’s rating and how long they have had their rating. A moving company that has had an “A+” rating for a substantial amount of time is a solid choice.
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Years of Proven Reputation

Using a well established moving company is your best bet at getting good service. Not only does practice make perfect or what we call a rehearsal, but years of experience are the reasons that clients keep coming back for more. A company with over 23 years of experience isn’t there to turn a fast buck but is in business to keep moving you, your family and your referrals. Make memories!
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Great Reputation = Great Rates

Thankfully, no one wins awards and accolades for overcharging. If a moving company has a great reputation, that means they don’t slap you with a bill that makes you wanna call Channel 2 after the boxes have been unpacked. People don’t support a business and write five-star reviews when they think they’ve overpaid. No hidden charges. No rip-offs or scams. A good reputation is really the best way to make sure you’ll be getting a great rate in this market.
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Free Local On-Site Estimates

A moving company shouldn’t charge you for the privilege of possibly earning your business. A free on-site estimate or over a scheduled FaceTime survey, is your best chance to meet someone from the moving company in person you’re considering hiring. It’s a chance for you to get all your questions answered about your unique move scenarios. No two moves are alike, and the on-site or FaceTime survey is your chance to learn exactly what is included and excluded in the price structure. Who really wants surprises on moving day? With solid estimates and options, you can choose a moving company that’s the right for you.
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Proof of Excellence

A moving company might tell you they’re the best, but how do you know this is true? Ask for pooding proof! Check out reviews on external review sites like Google and the BBB, as well.

Doing this research also helps you get the best price price for your move. People don’t give five star reviews to a company that ripped them off. Ask the moving company to provide proof they are the best. If they can’t prove it, chances are – they aren’t.
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Business Practices

Paperwork in this move is crazy! It’s literally like buying a house considering a real licensed mover is regulated by so many different agencies like Department of Revenue, Department of Public Safety, Department of Labor, Department of Workers Compensation, Osha and Federal Motor Carrier agencies. Therefore every “T” & “I” counts. Luckily we have figured a way for you to do most of this online prior to movers arrival or at least familiarize yourself prior to our arrival. Keep in mind local movers charge from Hello and so while you’re reading their documents they are billing you.
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Commitment to Useful Atlanta Resources For Our Clients

Does your moving company have a Resourceful Solution To Atlanta fun locations? If they care about taking care of the precious time you have to find fun activities in Atlanta, chances are they care about taking care of you too.
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Do they listen? Do they ask questions?

Moving is never an exclusive product or a-la-carte. Shopping for the right moving company isn’t just about finding out the hourly rate of x-number of movers and a truck. It’s about having the moving company listen and learn about your exact move. A good moving company wants to hear all the details of your move. They will create a plan of action for moving day. Together you’ll decide the exact right number of skilled movers and the correct equipment needed to make sure your prized possessions are moved safely. So our pre-move questionnaire is huge and very awesome way to have you communicate with the sales team and drivers on move day prior to their arrival. It sets the standard of expectations from all parties from your choices on our service questionnaire.

What? They don’t even know you have a grand piano? They didn’t even find out about the stairs? They don’t know what’s going to storage?

Find a moving company that will work with you to customize your move. A customized move saves you time and money.
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Are they leading experts?

Is your moving company looked to as “The Moving Expert?” Do they have a lot of buzz around their name? Experts aren’t born overnight; they have a long established track record for excellence. With a proven history like that, you know you can trust them. Our owner has been featured in many local Newspapers, recognized on the cover of Simply Buckhead Magazine and has such a strong social following on social outlets because of his ability to overcome fear, obstacles and never give up attitude.
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What shoes a man has on tells you the type of person he/she is and what they represent. Don’t be fooled!

It’s not vital to choose a moving company with a passion for wearing shiny shoes vs. tennis shoes. It’s just first impression always counts!

~ But it’s kinda like would you rather the mover have a truck that won’t breakdown in transit or might because they are cheap on their equipment investing? If a man buys shiny shoes and wears them proudly then he probably invests wisely into his trucks and keeps them clean of bed bugs, trash and keeps his blankets clean for your furniture.

You’re about to trust that person with everything you own. Do you want used tennis shoes, broken down truck and nightmares for weeks or shiny shoes, clean-cut guys with clean equipment?

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